Solar For Farms: Does It Add Up?

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With the increasing pressure placed on farmers to produce more for less, profits can often plateau.
Farming is one of the most important industries in the world yet society places so much pressure on them to do more than last year. Electricity rates for farms are no joke. With some farms clocking $5000-$15000 in utilities each month, profit margins can be tight.
Luckily, farms are big energy consumers during the day.
Pumps, packing sheds, and cold rooms all guzzle copious amounts of power but mostly during the day.

While wages, exchange rates, and commodity prices are set by external factors, electricity is one that farmers can manipulate and save money on.
With electricity being second to wages as the largest expense, it makes sense to work on bringing this down.
Solar systems make this a reality.
Farms are lucky as they’re often in open areas with lots of space to place panels.
Whether it’s on the roof of a packing shed or an acre of land, farmers are in the best position to get electricity from the sun.



Pumping water all day or all night uses a significant amount of energy. Whether that energy comes from diesel or electricity from the grid, the costs are high.
Pumping water is essential and can’t be avoided. But, reducing your power costs is a lot easier.
By switching to a pump run from solar energy, your daytime pumping usage could end up costing you $0.
Not only that, we can install a system that will turn your pump on or off, faster or slower, depending on the clouds in the sky. So, for example, if the sun is shining at 10 am but at 10:15 a large cloud cover passes for 20 minutes, we can slow the energy usage until the cloud has passed.
Once the cloud has passed, the pump ramps back up. By doing this, we’ll ensure you’re power bill remains as neutral as possible.
To save further, consider pumping most of your water during the day. We have farmers that are pumping water at no cost to them. Simply because they installed solar.
These systems are often paid off within 2 years of installing them.



Packing sheds have such a large roof area that is often unshaded and in perfect view of the sun.
Given that packing sheds and cold rooms can be a big cost to run, putting solar on your roof is the perfect solution.


We recently installed solar on a large shed.

Size: 100kW
Original Power Bill: $100,000
After Solar: $50,000
Cost Of Solar: $100,000
Years To Realise Profits: 2
After 2 years, this business will have an increase in profit of $50,000 simply because they installed solar.

Having solar installed can act as a small insurance policy. Farming can be tough and not every year is profitable. A quality solar system can provide a financial buffer for your business each year. You’ll have the satisfaction of a smaller bill from day 1 and a boost to profits when it’s paid itself off.

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