SMA Inverter W/ Longi 370W Panels

Get a leading SMA inverter with 6.6kW worth of Tier 1 Mono Perc panels.

SMA is the number 1 European PV inverter manufacturer brand. With the focus being on quality, SMA is an industry leader. Longi panels are exceptional quality and are one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Longi panels are 370W which means less panels, less racking, and more energy.

Warranty Infomation
  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty
  • 25 Year Linear Power Output Warranty (panels)
  • 5 Year Inverter Warranty w/ Optional Extension
  • 12 Year Product Warranty (panels)

SolarEdge Inverter W/ REC Panels

Get a 6kW SolarEdge Inverter and panels by the pioneers in panel technologgy, REC. 

SolarEdge is the leader when it comes to solar energy inverters. Coupled with the best panel in world, you’re guaranteed to get the most energy from the sun. Not only that, these companies offer the best warranties, customer support, and features.

Warranty Infomation
  • 5 Year Inverter Warranty
  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty
  • Monitor your system and see the performance of each panel
  • 25 Year Panel Performance Warranty
  • 12 Year Panel Product Warranty 
  • The most efficient panel on the market