Why Choose Solar?

Pulse Solar’s residential Bundaberg solar systems are designed to maximise your return from the Sun. With over 23 years serving Queensland, we’re committed to ensuring you get the right system for your home.

Solar in Bundaberg is no longer out of reach for people. With financing available, everyone can enjoy reducing their power bill. We use the best products on the market so we can ensure you’ll get the best return.

If you’re interested in halving your power bill this summer, solar is for you. 
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Our systems are suitable for all Bundaberg home types. No matter the shape of your roof, age of your house, or location…we can get your house producing free electricity from the sun.

As a company that has been in Bundaberg for 23 years, you can trust us to turn up on time and finish the job right. If for any reason we need to come back, your solar system is under warranty so you don’t need to worry about a thing. 

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Bundaberg Solar Makes Sense

A high quality solar system will slash your power bill putting money back into your pockets. You’re also protected in the inevitable event that electricity prices go up.

Care For The Environment

Do your part for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Every time someone switches to solar, the pressure on our natural resources softens. This moves us close to a sustainable planet.

Financially Beneficial

A solar system pays itself off within 2-3 years with some people reaching $0 energy bills within the first few months of installation. With government rebates, you can save up to $4000 when purchasing a system from us.

The Installation

We’ll consult with you to determine the best system for you.
We assist you with all relevant paperwork relating to your system and the power grid. 

We back our work with a (insert warranty). You can be confident knowing we’ll be with every step of the way.

What Our Solar Customers Have to Say

How Solar Bundaberg Works?

Pulse Solar’s residential Bundaberg solar systems for homes are designed to maximise your return from the Sun. With over 23 years serving Queensland, we’re committed to ensuring you get the right system for your home.

commercial solar bundaberg
  • Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb and convert the sun’s rays into DC electricity.

  • Inverter

The inverter receives the DC electricity and converts this into AC electricity suitable for your home.

  • Meterbox and Switchboard

Your meterbox sends electricity to the grid once it’s converted. It also receives electricity from the grid when you need it.

  • Electricity Grid

Your home creates electricity that goes back into the grid. When your home needs electricity, the grid supplies you with as much as you need.

Scott, Our CEO, Explains The Dark Side Of The Solar Industry

Bundaberg Solar System Deals

SMA Inverter W/ Q Cell Panels

Get a leading SMA inverter with 6.6kW worth of Tier 1 Mono Perc panels.

SMA is the number 1 European PV inverter manufacturer brand. With the focus being on quality, SMA is an industry leader. Q Cell panels are exceptional quality panels winning multiple awards this year alone. 

Warranty Infomation
  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty
  • 25 Year Linear Power Output Warranty (panels)
  • 5 Year Inverter Warranty w/ Optional Extension
  • 12 Year Product Warranty (panels)

Fronius Inverter W/ Jinko Panels

Get a 6kW Froinus Inverter and award winning Jinko PV panels

Fronius is an industry leader when it comes to solar energy inverters. Coupled with CEC approved Tier 1 Jinko Passivated Emitter Rear Contact panels, you’re guaranteed to harness more power from the sun.

Warranty Infomation
  • 5 Year Inverter Warranty
  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty
  • 20 Year Panel Performance Warranty
  • 12 Year Panel Product Warranty 

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