LONGi: Who Are They And Why Do We Use Them


You may have seen some large solar projects on our social media lately.
We’ve been pumping out 100kW systems over the last few weeks and the panels we’ve been using are from LONGi.

LONGi Solar is a company based in China with an office in Sydney. This is ideal for servicing and warranty claims. LONGi manufacture tier 1, monocrystalline panels and are the largest producer of monocrystalline panels in the world.

LONGi started in 2000 and has grown faster than any other solar panel manufacturer.

Leading Solar Panel Manufacturers (2019)

      • JinkoSolar – 14.2GW (+25%)
      • JA Solar – 10.3GW (+17%)
      • Trina Solar – 9.7GW (+20%)
      • Longi Solar – 9.0GW (+25%)
      • Canadian Solar – 8.5GW (+20%)
      • Hanwha Q Cells – 7.3GW (+33%)
      • Risen Energy – 7.0GW (+46%)
      • First Solar – 5.5GW (+104%)
      • GCL – 4.8GW (+17%)
      • Shunfeng Photovoltaic – 4.0GW (+21%)

According to their website…

“LONGi Solar is committed to its rapid development and transformation, striving to provide the world’s leading monocrystalline solar modules for consumers. Aiming to better serve the society, it has kept enhancing its sense of responsibility and cultivating itself into an excellent enterprise with a great conscience.”

longin solar panels
image credit: Longi Solar

LONGi produce monocrystalline/monosilicon panels. Monosilicon panels are more efficient than polysilicon panels which are commonly seen on the market.

Polysilicon panels are easier to make but are made up of multiple crystals of silicon. This reduces the efficiency of the panels.

Monosilicon on the other hand, is harder to make. They’re also more expensive. But, the benefit is one large crystal of silicon instead of many smaller ones. This means the panels are more efficient with up to 22.5% efficiency.

longi solar panels
image credit: Longi Solar

LONGi’s warranty is solid. Along with a 10 year parts warranty, LONGi promise their panels will still produce 83.1% of their original output in 25 years. This is 3% more than most panels in this price range.
If you need to make a warranty claim, call the team that installed the panels for you. They will need to honour the warranty.
If you’ve had LONGi panels installed by a company that is no longer in business, simply call 02 8484 5806.


LONGi is a great company with an amazing track record. The panels they create rival the best on the market. Their warranty is strong and the service team can easily be contacted.

With the extra features to help with efficiency in shaded areas and an improved performance warranty, these are panels we feel comfortable installing on customers roofs and our own.

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